The Importance and Benefits of Facials

Facial is a beauty treatment intended to clean the face from dirt, dust, oil, dead skin cells, and blackheads. The facial facial method usually begins with facial cleansing, steaming the skin, removing dead skin cells and blackheads, massaging, and wearing a mask. This step will definitely be adjusted to the conditions and needs of each person’s skin.

Facial facials should ideally be tried once a month. For oily skin and prone to acne, facials can be tried every 2 weeks. Even so, you can try the frequency of facials according to the skin problems you are experiencing. For example, if the skin already looks dirty, develops a lot of blackheads, or has hyperpigmentation, go for a facial immediately.

What are the benefits of facials?

For the American Academy of Dermatology, facials are comfortable to try as long as they are tried by a competent beauty or esthetician. If tried properly by an expert, the benefits of facials that can be obtained include:

1. Thoroughly sterilize the face

One of the benefits of facial facials is to clean the face evenly. In general, beauty doctors have mastered skin types and know what to do so that your face can be clean from all dirt, make-up residue, dust, and oil. Not only that, beauty therapists may also use steam to open facial pores and rid them of piles of dead skin cells. Thus, the problem of blackheads or pimples can be prevented.

2. Rejuvenate the skin

As we get older, facial skin can continue to sag. This continues to be exacerbated by lifestyle and exposure to environmental factors. Well, the benefits of facials can help rejuvenate the skin. Usually, a beautician will use a number of treatment procedures or certain skin care products to improve skin texture so that it looks youthful. For example, facial facials with laser treatment to trigger the creation of collagen so that dead skin cells can be replaced by new cells. In addition, using certain masks or cream lotions can also be tried to trigger collagen production while slowing down the appearance of signs of aging.

3. Transports blackheads

The efficacy of facials can remove blackheads. Blackhead extraction is part of the facial facial. Blackhead extraction is an important step in facials in salons or beauty clinics. This aims to make pores clogged with blackheads and cause a dirty face. The procedure for extracting dark or white comedones is done using special equipment (round loop extractor).

This procedure is usually attempted by a dermatologist or professionally trained therapist to unclog facial pores without injuring the skin. When properly tried by an expert, manual blackhead removal is quite effective as a way to get rid of stubborn dark blackheads on a face. However, these benefits cannot be obtained when doing facials at home.

4. Transport dead skin cells

A pile of dead skin cells can make facial skin dry and aggressive. If there is excess oil production and germs that cause infection then pimples will form. Although this method can be tried at home, a facial at a beauty salon can help the process of raising dead skin cells more optimally. Sometimes, this process is accompanied by a chemical peeling procedure to clean the skin surface evenly so that the new cells in the skin layer can then take over the old skin cells. That way, the use of skin care products that you use can be absorbed perfectly.

5. Makes skin soft and bright

The benefits of facials can also make the skin softer and brighter. This is because aesthetic doctors usually prepare consumption masks to moisturize the skin and refine skin pores.

6. Increase blood circulation

Massage during facials can relieve stress. Blood circulation on the skin becomes easy thanks to facials. Do you understand that the benefits of facials are also believed to increase blood circulation? Yes, with the massage that is tried during the facial process, blood circulation on the skin will be easier. This can also make the body’s cells get the oxygen and nutrients they need. Thus, facial health will be maintained.

7. Relieves stress and relaxes

Massage during facial facials can actually relieve stress and make you relax. According to a study published in the daily Biomedical Research, facial massage or facial massage can activate the sympathetic nervous system. That way, the level of anxiety will decrease so as to increase the mood (mood).